6 Gadgets Every Business Traveller Should Have

business trip to london

London has long been an important global centre for business, and sees plenty of business travellers coming into the city everyday. As a vital city for all kinds of industries, the capital is perfect for business travellers of all backgrounds, and if you’re coming into London for work-related reasons, then you’ll find plenty to inspire you and keep you busy.

When you’re a frequent business traveller though, the last thing you want is to have to hunt around an unfamiliar city for additional accessories that you didn’t consider packing. So if you’re intending to come to London for a business trip soon, take a look at the great deals on the Park Grand London Hyde Park, and read on for some useful tips on the most essential gadgets to include in your suitcase.

A Portable Power Bank

One of the most essential tools in any business person’s collection will usually be their technological gadgets, but the main drawback of these is that they are extremely power hungry.

Portable Power Bank

It’s great to have portable laptops, tablets, phones and a variety of other devices in your kit, and they can be a useful way of carrying on with essential work while you’re commuting into the city. However, if you start to see that dreaded low power sign, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll find a working charger in the nearby vicinity.

Having a portable pre-charged power bank is an absolute must for any business traveller. If you arrive in London without one, you’ll find some excellent shops in central London near your Hyde Park accommodations where you can pick one up. It’s worth choosing one that has the capacity to support all of your essential devices, so that you’re never left stuck without power.

Anti-crease Clothing Transporters

If you’ve got a busy schedule of meetings soon after your arrival in London, the last thing you want is to hunt around outside the Park Grand London Hyde Park to look for somewhere you can press or iron your business attire. A good solution to try instead is to pack your formalwear in anti-crease clothing transporters.

These are cleverly designed to store pre-ironed shirts or dresses easily, and preventing them from getting creased in your suitcase while you travel. Simply remove once you arrive at your hotel, hang up and they are ready to wear.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Like most major cities, London can certainly be a noisy place, and if you’re trying to focus on getting some work done, then all that background sound can be extremely distracting. A pair of noise cancelling headphones is a great solution, and they can often be customised to allow you to enjoy the level of quiet you prefer. Work in absolute silence with the outside world completely blocked out, or enjoy your own private playlist for a serene experience while you’re on the move. They’re ideal to use everywhere, from on the Tube to a busy café and provide a little calm and peace at the touch of a button.

If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, you can also find noise cancelling ear buds to help you enjoy a more restful and undisturbed night’s sleep. Instead of being kept up all night with the sound of traffic, you can enjoy a great sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, starting with some breakfast around Paddington.

A Portable Hotspot

Portable Hotspot

Wi-Fi is essential for most electronic devices these days, and like most cities, London has some fairly decent Wi-Fi coverage across the capital, especially in central parts of the city, such as around Hyde Park accommodations. However, there are still some parts where you may not get Wi-Fi or phone coverage, for instance, when you are travelling on the Underground.

If you want to be sure you don’t miss out on an important email or message while you’re on the move in London, then a portable hotspot might be the perfect solution. These can often be purchased or hired pre-loaded with a fixed amount of data, and is a great way to budget your trip.

Travel Skin Care Kit

When you’re travelling to London for business, naturally, you will want to make the best impression on whoever you’re meeting with, and put your best foot forward. And looking and feeling your best is a big part of that.

Travel Skin Care Kit

It can be a good idea to have a travel kit of your favourite skin care products packed and ready for business trips ahead of time, whether you’re planning to stay somewhere for just a fleeting 24 hour visit, or might be there for a little longer. This might include simple items such as a good cleanser and moisturiser, to help tackle dehydration when travelling, and you might also want to include a few extras to help you enjoy a little calm and relaxation after a busy day working, such as a lavender pillow spray or scented eye masks. Knowing that you can feel refreshed and revitalised is always a great confidence booster, and can have a positive impact on your professional spirit.

Travel Bag Organiser

Travel Bag Organiser

If you have a tendency to throw everything into your suitcase without spending much time organising it beforehand, you’ll know that familiar feeling of exasperation when you have to unpack it all, in order to find something you need.

To save yourself the trouble, invest in a simple travel bag organiser, which can be placed inside your duffle bag or suitcase, and creates instant compartments that can be used to separate all of your key items. This is a great way of ensuring that you have everything you need before you head off, as you can see it all at a glance, and it also prevents the struggle of trying to look for a single item within it.

Instead, you can organise each item in your luggage, from clothing to gadgets, accessories and personal items, and have access to them quickly and easily.