Paddington is an area of the city which is often frequented by tourists. Part of the reason for this is the incredible range of tourist attractions and luxury accommodation like the Park Grand Westbourne Terrace, dotting the white town housed streets. Paddington projects everything great about London, classy, quaint houses and a diverse culture which spans many international influences. Nevertheless, despite its diverse population, Paddington remains quintessentially British, with its brilliant mix of Victorian townhouses and pristine redevelopments melding into a vivid cityscape. Whatever you’re in the city for then, Paddington is well worth a visit.

Below you can find some great ways to get to know this West London area, using the long history and beautiful sites to your advantage.

A brief history of Paddington

With records dating back to the 10th century, Paddington was known as a part of Middlesex before its gradual integration into London. With Saxons settling in the area, the Elizabethan and Stuart era saw a family named the Smalls inhabiting the estate houses and manor, and with the family run cloth company attracting workers, the population began to grow. This continued into the Stuart era, and eventually the area was integrated into the borough of Westminster in 1965. This has led to a rich history to Paddington, and plenty of great sites to back it up.

Getting to know Paddington Station


Paddington Station was created by famous architect Kingdom Brunel in 1847 and is one of the leading terminus’s in London. The trains running from Paddington give users an efficient link to the West of the country, taking you to Wales and Somerset in a matter of hours. What’s more Paddington has an efficient train service running directly to and from Heathrow, taking you to the international airport in just over half an hour. This makes Paddington the perfect destination for international travellers, especially when you consider its links to the Bakerloo, Circle, District, and Hammersmith & City underground lines.

Luxury yet affordable accommodation

With hotels such as the Park Grand London Hyde Park promising luxury stays at affordable prices, you can find many hotels in the Paddington and Bayswater area which will ensure you are a stone’s throw away from the city centre and can easily get to and from major London train stations. This is one of the best things about Paddington, it acts not only as the site of affordable living space, but as a gateway into the city.

Sites to see around Paddington

Paddington is well known for being one of the most exciting spots in the city for historic attractions and arts venues. What with its great range of pubs and restaurants, you can expect to find delectable delights in Portobello Market, eerie waxworks at Madam Tussauds and atmospheric music at the Royal Albert Hall.

Hyde Park

What’s more, a visit tot eh most iconic park in London will have you strolling for hours. With its hundreds of acres and oodles of architectural wonders, the park itself is home to two art galleries, a lake, historical monuments and much much more.

Little Venice

Little Venice

Take a stroll around Little Venice and experience the winding canals and quaint pubs and cafes which make this area stand out so much. This beautiful part of Bayswater and Paddington is well known for its waterside charm.