London Area

This is a question which is asked time and time again by London visitors, and one which one paper is almost impossible to answer. For starters, each area of London is enjoyable and fun for different reasons, it’s individual patch in a larger collage creating a unique thumbprint on a broader canvas. Secondly, the best area in London is never the “best” area, it’s the best area to one individual. Everybody has their own tastes, and so finding the perfect area of London is a more subjective journey into your own personal wants and needs. Finding your perfect area of London can actually be not only insightful into the city, but an insightful glimpse into aspects of your own personality. Whilst our Hyde Park accommodations are like no other, we thought that we’d give you a glimpse into the wide world of the best boroughs to holiday in London.

Soho the nightlife hotspot

If you’re looking for a revel-tastic weekend away, the area of Soho is the perfect spot for you and your friends to have a fantastic time out. With a wide range of bars, clubs, theatres and yes, more bars, Soho has it all. The winding lanes give this area in the bustling centre of the city an intimacy like no other, and with the lights of the West End glittering overhead, you’ll be charmed by the mix of culture and electricity running through the air.

Peckham for the younger

For the flip side of the culture coin, Peckham can bring you a refreshing alternative for a weekend away. With bars and underground clubs which lie hidden in wake by day, Peckham is an area full of markets, vintage shops and the arts. With a wide range of live music venues and independent restaurants, this South East borough is home to parks, unique concrete builds, and a buzzing arts scene, perfect for the visiting bohemian.

Waterloo and the South Bank for culture

For the family orientated culture of London, your best bet is finding some accommodation in the South Bank and Waterloo area. Here you will find enough of the arts to last you years. With the National Theatre, the BFI and the Southbank Centre all located along this stretch of the River Thames, it’s no wonder that so many tourists end up staying in this scenic and central area. WIth the South Banks iconic views and a wide range of restaurants and bars scattered from Waterloo to London Bridge, you’ll have more options than the Tate Modern has picture frames!

Paddington for history, location and fresh air

If you’re staying at the Park Grand London Hyde Park or the Park Grand London Westbourne Terrace, then you’re perfectly placed for a taste of the heritage and history orientated London. WHilst the Paddington area is undergoing redevelopment into a modern city paradise, the area still retains its unique Victorian townhouse charm. With many hotels overlooking the magnificent Hyde Park, staying in Paddington offers you ease of access to the city centre, plenty of open space, and many attractions in and of itself.

Pop the London cherry in Covent Garden

If it’s your first time in London, then you’ll be best off finding a spot in the city centre where it would be hard to get lost. Covent Garden is the perfect mix of quaint, central and vibrant, bringing you a wide range of shopping opportunities and quick and easy access to the Soho nightlife, Southbank culture and the general charm of this historic market area. This makes it perfect for the first time tentative tourist who’d benefit from a broad palette of the city right on their doorstep.