London may look beautiful in the winter, but the spring is when the hidden greenery of the city comes into full bloom. Teeming with historic parks, London monuments and a whole host of great ideas for days out, London in springtime is truly a beauty worth bathing in. This being said, finding democratic solutions when visiting with a family of differing ages and tastes can add a hurdle to that enjoyment. The architecture buff might lock heads with the swimming enthusiasts when choosing between a day in Hampstead Ponds or Alexandra Palace, and the kids among us might push for a day in Legoland rather than Hampton Court. Like with all group outings, there’s a compromise for everyone, which is why we’ve weighed up a wide range of London springtime options to find the best family friendly trips for your Hyde Park accommodation stay.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park London

Victoria Park is one of the most popular parks in East London. Known as the “people’s Park”, and spanning back to the Victorian era, the monarch of whom it shares a name with, Victoria Park hosts a range of annual music and community festivals. This 47 acre green space boasts a delightful selection of eateries, play areas and canal side bars, meaning that there’s something for everyone.

London wetlands Centre

London wetlands Centre

The London Wetlands Centre is located in Barnes and is a wildlife reserve with a focus on birds and water mammals. With otters making their home here every year, and a range of child friendly wild life activities, the London Wetlands Centre is only a ten minute walk from Hammersmith.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park

This vast royal park in West London promises delight for adults and children alike, With untouched swathes of woodland mixed in with glorious meadows, all ages will revel in spotting the deer that live in this once royal hunting reserve, now dedicated to the preservation of wildlife. See if you can find the Isabella Plantation, nurturing a range of exotic plant life, exploding with colour come springtime.


Get a train out Windsor and enjoy the sites and sounds of the quirky Legoland. This charming theme park is focused on and waxes lyrical about all things (you guessed it) Lego! With thrilling roller coasters and child friendly rides, Legoland is the perfect place to build your own family adventure.

Underbelly Festival

With a wide range of family friendly and more risque shows, the Underbelly Festival is in full swing on the South Bank. Full to the brim with music, games and entertainment, this festival showcases some of the best shows in the city and will be bringing a whole host of shows to the Thames right up into September.

Hyde Park

hyde park london

With our Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel just a stone's throw away, this iconic Central London Park promises a multitude of treats for all ages, catering to the masses with an unbelievable amount of attractions and events. Hosting the two exhibition spaces of the Serpentine Gallery, the imaginative Diana Memorial Playground and a lake built for a queen, teeming with swans and pedalos, there’s something for everyone in hyde Park.

Hackney Festival of Fitness

From the 17th till the 19th of May, you can enjoy the annual festival of fitness in Hackney marshes. This festival is jam packed full of heart pumping workshops and workouts, alongside talks, music and great tasting but incredibly healthy food.

All Points East

With soothe the ears of all ages, All Points East is a music festival in Victoria Park which will attract music lovers from all generations. Taking place in Hackney’s Victoria Park, this festival is the perfect way to spend the last week of May. With workshops and free events throughout the week, this festival is the springtime event of the London year.