Enjoying Valentine ’s Day in London

Romantic decoration

Valentine’s is a day that gets celebrated all over the world with a sense of romance and tradition. The holiday’s roots stem from the ancient Roman festival which was commemorated annually on the February 15th. This day is the equivalence of a day a romance day and dates back to the 5th century. Exchange cards, candy, gifts and flowers are usually exchanged.

So if you’re visiting London close to this Valentine’s how can you enjoy it to your full advantage - not only for yourself but also for your partner? We’ve got a whole host of experience lined up for you.

The city hosts some fantastic events and festivals during Valentine’s Day for making things special and beautiful for the two of you. Thousands of couples make it a point to celebrate this special day of love, and this is why they choose to make London their destination to travel to. With some unusual places of interests to explore, authentic delicacies to savour and a series of romantic hotels to choose from, London indeed is the perfect place to make your holiday a cherished affair.

Valentine's Day

Some couples may go to a restaurant or pub whereas others prefer to go out on a long walk in the Hyde Park. There is something for everyone, and while celebrating your most special moments, you can surely make this city your popular choice of destination.

One of the hallmark ways to celebrate your romantic day in London is to book a river Thames cruise. Doing so will allow you take delight in the various attractions, as you pass them by, and enjoy the close intimacy of sailing down the river with your loved one. For an excellent accommodation to set the right mood for your romantic excursion, consider the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel.

The 4-star hotels in Paddington London are some of the best accommodations in the city, so you’ll most certainly want to consider booking one of them in advance for your planned valentine’s trip to London. They have fantastic romantic packages available too.