London On A Budget


Although hotels like the Grand Park London Hyde Park Hotel are great value for the amount of luxury you get whilst staying, you still can’t argue with the fact that London can be a very expensive city. Fear not however, there are plenty of ways that you can get around the heightened prices of the capital. It’s not surprising though, with London being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and as one of the financial hubs of Europe meaning that prices for anything from a pint of beer to a month’s rent can be upped dramatically.

london on budget

Oyster Cards

Travel is one aspect of London which is especially expensive. Investing in an Oyster Card is key to saving money on travel. These contactless cards can take you from Essex to Sussex at the tap of a barrier but do rack up the pounds as you update.

One way to save money on Oyster Cards is to pay a bit more for a travel card. These vary from being a day long travel card to a month long travel card and the prices depend on what zones you think you’ll be travelling through. If you are only staying in Zone 1 and 2 then a week long travel card will be far cheaper than zones 1 to 4.

Another thing to keep in mind whilst travelling with Oyster Cards is how peak times have higher prices. If you’re travelling between 8 and 10 am or 5 and 7 pm then you’ll find that the prices increase by at least 30 pence. This is due to the increase in people sing the train, at peak times you’ll often find more Londoners going to work and so not only are the prices upped dramatically, but the comfort of your journey is decreased as well.

Free Things to do in London

Although London can be very expensive in terms of buying West End theatre tickets, high end comedy shows and the most popular live music acts out there, you can often find some hidden gems for free hidden around the city. For instance, venues like the Old Blue Last and the Shacklewell arms have some of the best in new music for no money at all. To see some of the next big things showcasing their musical talents, seek out the open mic nights, underground music venues and bars dotted around some of London’s trendiest areas.

Comedy show in london

Comedy shows can also be found for little to no money all across the City. For some fot he best in work in progress nights or preview performance before the many performance festivals across the country, then check out Schadenfreude Cabaret in Kings Cross as well as House of Idiot Nights in the Marketplace in Brixton. These nights promise some of the best new acts on the scene at literally none of the prices you’ll find at the Apollo Theatre and the Top Secret Comedy Club.

Eating on a Budget

Borough Market in London

Eating on a budget can be easy, although the Hotels near Paddington Station have some great deals on their in hotel meals, markets around the city can be very cheap indeed. Check out Borough Market in London Bridge and Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch for a wide variety of and great value street food.

Free Walking Tours

London Walking Tour

One great thing about London is that so many people are willing to help you find out roe about the city. Whether you’re in a museum, a historical area or an iconic memorial, there’s always going to be free tours from London’s Green Badge Holders. These helpful and clever tour guides will be happy to give you extensive stories and advice on some of the most remarkable parts of the city for no money at all.