Millennial Visitors Trends: How the Young Are Changing Travel and What It Means

Millennial Visitors Trends

It’s a fact; Millennials Visitors are far from the generation that likes to just sit, plonked in front of a computer screen of any size or shape not going anywhere, but the one that’s upping sticks and travelling here, there and everywhere. Hardly surprising perhaps, given so many of those screens are made up of social feeds full of media of exotic and/ or fascinating places waiting to be discovered. In fact, research suggests Millennials are actually 23% more likely to travel than any other age group, believe it or not. And this fact has ensured that, critically, this young generation is introducing new trends to travel – and changing it…

Millennial Visitors-London

Cultural Experience

You may not believe it, but statistics suggest the majority of the ‘millennial’ generation is more into spending its money on experiences than material items – with more than seven in every 10 of them (72%) doing just that. The biggest appeal appears to be that of discovering and experiencing a new culture (86% claim that’s the biggest draw of overseas travel for them) – the young generation aren’t afraid to (in fact, they openly) step out of their comfort zones to find out what’s ‘out there’, with 78% of them wanting to not just discover, but learn something new in their chosen destination.

Solo or Safety in Numbers?

For generations, young people have been fed the line they should be careful, as it can be dangerous to travel on their own, but this isn’t something that’s putting off the majority of Millennials from travel – or, at least, they’re prepared to go off from home on their own while being sure to take considered precautions to look after themselves while away.

For instance, while nearly four in every 10 (37%) have the intention of taking at least one overnight trip on their own in the following six months, many young people are aware – and taking advantage – of the fact that they can venture off on their own but then hook up with a group tour operator, thus explore a big, new, fascinating city like London with others; ensuring, yes, safety in numbers.

Hotels or Hostels?

Unsurprisingly, given they tend to be cheaper as an accommodation option; a huge 70% of hostels’ guests are nowadays made up of those who can be categorised as Millennials. Hostels have always attracted young people, of course; the appeal not just being maximum affordability but their natural inclination to foster interaction between guests from so many different backgrounds as well as the opportunity to meet like-minded, happily wandering souls.


But what does this mean for those who prefer hotel accommodation? Well, potentially greater choice and more spoiling and more bargains in order to secure hotel guests’ custom; that’s what! Seek out the best hotels, deals and rooms if you’re thinking of visiting London then; they’re all out there to be discovered and booked (such as 4 star hotels Hyde Park like the Park Grand Hyde Park).

So, these developing but fast establishing trends to the Evolution of The Hotels that the millennial generation of international travellers are driving ultimately means the travel and leisure industries are becoming more flexible and accommodating to offer more and more people what they want, not least those looking to visit a major city like London. The lesson to take from all this? Take advantage of it!