See The World and Make New Friends


Travelling on your own may seem daunting before you actually set out, and one of the reasons


Hostels, which generally offer accommodation in the form of shared bunk rooms and cooking and washing facilities which are open to all, might well have been invented with the express purpose of getting strangers to mix with one another. It’s virtually impossible to share a hostel with people without asking who they are, where they’re from and where they’re going. Before you know it you’ll be sharing tips on the local nightlife and vowing to stay in touch forever.


It may seem obvious, but travel requires that you spend a lot of time, well….travelling – in transit in a bus, train, boat or plane. No matter how exciting the final destination is going to be, the actual act of getting there, which often takes very many hours, can be extremely tedious. That’s why there’s no better time to strike up a conversation with those people around you, who’ll be just as grateful for a friendly voice and someone to chat to as you are.


Like Minds

The best way to explore London

No matter where in the world you are, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to track down a community of like-minded people. It could just be a club or bar which caters to people from your home country, or even your home city, or it may be somewhere that celebrates something like a sports team. All over the world, for example, it’s pretty easy to take a look around a big city and find bars and clubs which are dedicated to celebrating football clubs which play in the English Premier League. Once inside you’ll be surrounded by kindred spirits with a shared history and set of reference points or, at worst, a bunch of people whom you can have a very lively debate with.

Travellers Bars

There are certain bars in every town or city which develop a reputation for being particularly welcoming to tourists and visitors. You should look these up in the local guidebook, or simply ask around, and head there to have a few drinks and relax. Few things bring people together more quickly and surely than a set of shared experiences and concerns, and your fellow travellers will be as keen as you are to share their experiences and ask what you know about your new surroundings.