The Fun-Filled London Duck Tours

Swan in Hyde Park

The very thought of moving around in London for sightseeing in an amphibious craft brings a fun element in your adventurous spirit and brings up images of being a bird or a plane or even a duckmobile. Whether you are on the streets going past the Buckingham Palace or you are splashing into the Thames River, the feeling of doing and experiencing something unique is sure to send your adrenaline running high. Invented in 1942, the Duck is a symbol of British institutions. During D-Day, 21,000 of these real-life Duck transformers were used to transport supplies from ships to the beaches in Normandy. It is reported that about 18 million tons of supplies were brought on the shores of France in 1944, saving innumerable lives.

Buckingham palace

On the roads, the Duck takes you around most important attractions of London such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and other important landmarks of the city. All the while you will be able to listen to the guide giving you information regarding little known historical facts of the city. Having been on the road for seeing important attractions that have made this city a much-desired tourist destination, you have to get ready to get off the road and splash into the River Thames. This is where the real fun starts.

Wildfowl and other wildlife-hydepark London

The Duck truck descends into the muddy waters at a water ramp just next to the MIS headquarters and immediately gets transformed into a boat that will take you round to see various attractions from moving vantage points in the river. A 60-minute voyage on the River Thames will take you to Tower Bridge and back, with a commentary being beamed into your ears regarding the various features of London and its various famous sights that include St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, HMS Belfast, Tate Modern, The Globe Theatre, the Shard, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge along the way. You will also get information regarding the DUKW vehicles. The best part of the trip is, however, the dramatic landing into the river that will bring laughter and a sense of adventure to all those present on board.

The highlights of the ride on the Duck include a journey on the streets of London in a WWII Duck truck ending in a splash in the River Thames and a 60-minute cruise in the Duck boat on round trip ride to Tower Bridge. During the road journey, you will be able to see the iconic tourist attractions that include the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. The exclusive feature of your trip will be the transformation of the Duck truck into a boat that will take place in front of your eyes.


The guide will be giving his commentary in English and the entire trip will be of 105 minutes duration. The trip costs $39.91 per person and admission is subject to availability. The journey that takes you around the capital’s most famous sites such as Downing Street and Buckingham Palace on the quirky yellow Duck truck will enable you to experience the various facets of London’s magnificence including its grand architecture, royalty, parliament and pageantry. The sightseeing tour starts from near the London Eye where you can hop on to the mighty duck which presents a quirky break from the mundane black cabs and boring red double-deckers that you are so used to seeing all the time in the city.

The road trip will continue past the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and number 10 Downing Street, which is the Prime Minister’s house. The next stop in London is Trafalgar Square, and you will even see Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace on the way, while all the time the guide will be providing you with relevant information through a commentary. The journey will then take you past the Tate Britain and proceed through Westminster. The Duck, though appearing to be a little out of sync with the modern features of the city such as its most exclusive streets, famous hotels, and fancy stores, will nevertheless provide you with a charm of its own.

The Duck trip includes a 45-minute road tour on the Duck truck and a 60-minute river cruise on the amphibious Duck truck. Sometimes, the sightseeing tours have a tour/route switch that features some of the most iconic landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. However, if you report late for the trip, no refunds are given and as such it is important to plan your trip so that you do not miss your tour time. Moreover, you have the option of doing either the Road trip or the River trip first. The bookings for the trip are non-refundable.

Since the demand for these London Duck tours is very high, an alternate new time may be booked for you within an hour or two of your original choice if the availability of the time slot that you have chosen is not there. The tours operate every 30 minutes to 1-hour during normal operation, and every 15 minutes on weekends and peak periods such as public holidays. The last tours are scheduled depending on sunset.