Top Five London Attractions For Kids

toy museum

If you’re in London with kids, and you’re unsure what to show them – you’re not alone. Plenty of families get stuck for ideas when it comes to keeping children entertained in the city. Where are the activities that are fun, safe, and exciting enough to keep young energetic kids entertained? Luckily, London is huge and full of great things to try.
Here are five attractions which are perfect for a family day out.


Having opened in 1956, Pollock’s Toy Museum has displaying a number of nostalgia-filled puppets, stages and theatres to families for many years. These are relics of creative genius; great for educating children about the history of toys and how they work. There are 6 large rooms to explore, so they ought to keep you and your young ones busy for a while!


Have you ever wondered how your favourite classic cartoons were made?
The stories of Tom & Jerry, Loony Tunes, Dennis the Menace, and even The Simpsons are featured here in this fascinating museum, with their journeys through TV and film charted in ways you’ve never seen before. There are over 900 amazing pieces of animation art here for your viewing pleasure, all covering a huge range of cartoons from eras bygone. Sketches and portraits abound, with plenty more to see and do.


This is an ideal place to entertain children in London, because it’s one huge leisure arcade! Enjoy bumper cars, bowling, skateboarding, pool, table tennis, fusball, and much more in this trendy setting. It’s at County Hall near Waterloo Station, so it gets pretty busy sometimes. Make sure you collect arcade tickets to spend on prizes!


If you’re after something a little more natural, why not give London Zoo a go?
You can find more than 750 different animal types here, including penguins and giraffes. With Halloween coming up soon, it may be a good time to visit, since London Zoo hold a special annual ‘Boo at the Zoo’ event, where visitors can interact with the zoo’s nocturnal animals and explore the Curiosity Shop of Horrors, and also observe the owls flying overhead whilst crafting their own spooky materials.

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M & M world is the tastiest attraction going. Any sweets fan owes them themselves the favour of visiting this 4-floor Leicester Square behemoth. Here you can find a nearly endless assortment of sweets and souvenirs, and you can even create your own tailored M & M blends from 22 colours. There’s cheery lights and music, creating an atmosphere that’s jubilant and cheery, and should keep both children and parents busy.