Top London Attractions for the Visitor Paying a Second Sojourn to the Royal City


Do you want to make your weekend exotic? Then forget all your worries and plan a mind-blowing vacation. You can plan a trip to London, the cities of exploration, for revitalizing yourself. London is one of the attractive city and thousands of persons go this city of happiness each year.

The natural beauty of London will surely captivate you. London is recognized as a leader economical and business centre not just in only Europe but also in the entire world. London can be measured as one of the finest places in the earth, which forever attracts tourists all over the world. London cordially welcomes guests with spectacular lavish hotels designed with numerous amenities. However, it is considered as world's one of the most contemporary cities, it is widely recognized for its prosperous tradition and magnificent culture. Being one of the most stunning places of England, it does have its own appeal and allure. Additionally individuals in London have emerged in every genre like fashion, business, media and much more. Top London attractions for the second time visitor deserve mention in this context.


Main tourist attractions

Main attractions include the Buckingham Palace, St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, and many more. London is basically a perfect collage of art, history, architecture. For the lovers of theatre and opera, London is considered as the most idyllic place. You can experience the savour of both the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera. You may plan a 7 day trip to London to have a rocking explosion.


If somebody is looking for some superb entertainment then he or she must visit the district of the West End for the amusement. Additionally, there is the famous Piccadilly Circus which is considered as the heart of the West End, offering one an impressive source of entertainment. There, an individual could simply go to Leicester Square where most of the famed movie premieres are held. It is meaningful to find for centrally located London luxury hotels if somebody wishes to experience trouble-free convenience to chief tourist spots. London's West End is besieged with numerous theatres, bars, clubs and restaurants. Those are the famous Top London attractions for the second time visitor.

Leicester Square in London

Various places to visit

In recent years, the London Eye has become the most popular paid for attraction in the city of London. Tourists are attracted to the thrill of getting to such a height and looking down on the stunning city. However, if you miss out on the opportunity to get up on the London Eye, you still have the opportunity to see the city's landmarks from a Thames river boat cruise.

London Eye
The Thames is one of the most recognisable icons of London, yet one which is sometimes forgotten. Top London attractions for the second time visitor are just wonderful.

There are many Thames river boat cruises to choose from as a wide variety of companies offer something to suit all tastes and budgets. If fine dining is your style, you can opt for a relaxing four course meal aboard a Thames river boat accompanied by live music. Alternatively, you could take one of the many disco boats' on a Friday or Saturday night as a fun alternative to a night out.

Another attraction which is not to be forgotten is the Tower of London, home to some of Britain's most fascinating history. Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress is more commonly known as the Tower of London. The Tower has seen some of Britain's most iconic figures over the last millennium, beginning with William the Conqueror who built the White Tower. It is also the location where Anne Boleyn was beheaded following King Henry VIII's orders. The White Tower is the place where Richard III imprisoned his young nephews.

Centrally positioned hotels are brilliant

Visitors at centrally positioned brilliant hotels are situated in middle London in near proximity to the major tourist attractions of the beautiful city London like museums, historic landmarks, theatres, art galleries, pubs, famous restaurants, parks, night clubs, technological wonders, gardens, palaces. One can easily reach any of the above awesome places of interest by only walking down to it or by taking a short tube or bus ride. This service is considered as a big benefit both for business travellers and tourists. The Hyde Park proposes a great place for relaxing and for indulging in some leisure activities.

The Tower of London costs just over 20 to visit based on an adult ticket. If you book online in advance, you are eligible to a small discount. Family tickets also tend to be a lower cost option if you are visiting with the kids.

Chelsea is a famous district located in central London popular for harbouring exclusive fashion art galleries, boutiques, theatres, and so on. It provides a wide variety of lodgings to suit all flavours and pockets. Choosing a hotel in central London would of course be a wise choice as there are so many attractions in the vicinity such as the Hyde Park, the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and many more. You would be in the heart of the city near London's premier shopping destinations and tourist spots. There is a wide variety of London luxury hotels in Chelsea to choose from.

Another of London's most fascinating landmarks is Westminster Abbey. The Abbey spans back even further than the Tower of London, originating around the year 960. Most of the British Kings and Queens between the year 1272 and 1700 were buried in the Abbey, making it incredibly historically relevant. Top London attractions for the second time visitor must be seen.

Many people may recognise the Abbey from the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011. It was also the place in which Queen Elizabeth II wed the Duke of Edinburgh. The Abbey has long been a favourite for royal weddings, with the first royal wedding to take place under its roof being King Henry I's wedding in 1100. Besides Hyde Park, the shopping district of Oxford Street, which is considered as an incredibly required shopping target of people from around the world, is also located close by.