5 Tourist Attractions to Explore Near Hyde Park

Hyde Park London

London is packed with plenty of treasures to visit all over the city, with countless historical and cultural sights to take in. However, to see some of the best of London, you don’t need to travel too far, and if you’re only planning a short stay in the city, you can still ensure you have a fun-packed and inspiring trip.

The Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park is perfectly located for exploring the many treasures around central London, in easy distance of the famous Hyde Park, and the many tourist attractions nearby. Read on to find out what else you could be exploring, during your stay.

Hyde Park

When you’re just a short walk away from Hyde Park itself, it’s an absolute must to go and make the most of it. While the park is renowned for being one of the most spacious and beautiful Royal Parks, there’s actually much more to explore and discover here beyond all the charming greenery.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love checking out the many memorials, monuments and other special features dotted around the park, which pay tribute to a variety of iconic figures who have made their mark in London throughout time, from characters from legend and myth, such the Huntress Fountain,  to the many monuments commemorating the lives of past royals, including Queen Caroline, who was instrumental in the design of Hyde Park, and the memorial to Diana, the Princess of Wales.

As well as historic monuments, you can also see some other important tourist sights around Hyde Park, such as the important Speaker’s Corner. This area marks the importance of free speech and has welcomed speakers and protestors to talk in public for centuries, playing an important part of both the history of London and the country. You can still see a variety of speakers taking part in the spirit of the Corner today, and if you’re exploring Hyde Park, it’s always interesting to spend some time listening to what is being shared.

With plenty of great Hyde Park restaurants to eat out at, you can round up your visit to Hyde Park with a delicious lunch or dinner, to give you plenty of energy for the rest of your London adventures.

Kensington Palace Londn

Kensington Palace

Close to Hyde Park in the adjacent Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace is a great place to visit when you’re staying at the Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park. The palace has been the childhood home for many royals, including the iconic Queen Victoria herself.

It’s possible to explore the Palace with a guided tour, where you’ll have the chance to see the beautiful interiors and state rooms, as well as some of the special exhibitions held within. As a residential palace, Kensington has been a formative place for the lives of many members of the Royal Family, both past and present, and the Palace still holds many important treasures that reflect on this.

Some of the most captivating exhibits that give you a closer look at Royal life in the Palace include artefacts from Queen Victoria’s early childhood, showing the playful and curious side of the young princess. You can also see a stunning exhibition of clothing designs that were created for Princess Diana, another important resident of Kensington Palace, and a keen lover of fashion.

Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery

Arts and culture fans are truly spoilt when visiting London, as there are countless museums and galleries all across the city. Close to the Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park, you can find the stylish and impressive Serpentine Gallery, located within the park itself, and near the beautiful Serpentine Lake.

The Serpentine Gallery may not be as large as some of the city’s more famous institutions, but it still makes a serious impact. You can see works from many contemporary art icons from the twentieth century, as well as pieces from more recent artists. The gallery also features an annual architectural installation outside at the Serpentine Pavilion, where leading names in art, design and architecture are invited to create a one of a kind piece that visitors can view and explore. You’ll also be able to visit a number of fascinating events taking place at the gallery throughout the year, providing plenty of inspiring and captivating things to see when you’re nearby.

Natural History Museum

South Kensington Museums

As well as the illustrious Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park is also close to some of the city’s other famous cultural institutions, located nearby in South Kensington. This historic area boasts a handful of some of the most prestigious cultural sights in the city, including the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Each of these has plenty to offer, ensuring that you will always come away learning something fascinating and new.

The Natural History Museum is a fantastic place to visit if you’re interested in natural history. As soon as you step into the main hall, you’ll be greeted by the immense sight of a suspended blue whale, one of the largest and most magnificent creatures on the planet. Inside, you can learn more about every kind of creature on earth, both large and small, as well as have the chance to see fascinating artefacts from the pre-historic era onwards. With a comprehensive variety of exhibits, it’s a great place to learn about the history and evolution of the planet, and the life it carries.

If a detailed look at art, costume and culture is more your cup of tea, then head to the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum. The impressive building is worth a visit in itself, but inside, you’ll get to see countless exhibits from all over the world, showing a fascinating exploration of life across different civilisations and eras.

The museum regularly puts on some of the biggest exhibitions in London, often highlighting clothing, design and style. This year, you can explore the mad world of Alice in Wonderland, and the influence this character has had on popular culture.