How To Enjoy London When It Rains

How To Enjoy London When It Rains

Though we may be in the midst of the summer holiday season, the unpredictability of London’s weather patterns means that the city must always be prepared for a shower - or worse. Guests of accommodation near Hyde Park London travelling over from warmer climates may not be used to the sudden drops or rises in temperature, but there are plenty of ways to prepare for them.

London’s sheer versatility means that whatever your motivation for visiting, there’s always something to do. Come rain or shine, this designated “green” city is also home to plenty of indoor attractions. Guests of restaurants near Hyde Park and bars in the city centre will always have the choice of al fresco dining or the shelter of an inside area and the same can go for many of the attractions in London. 

So if you’re a guest of the Park Grand Hotel on Westbourne Terrace London, what can you do to prepare for the sketchy weather patterns of England’s capital? Furthermore, what options do you have for a rainy day in the city?

London Climates

The first thing to know when visiting London is that the climate can change at the flip of a dime. Whether you’re visiting in the summer or the winter, sun and cloud cover can be sporadic and lightning fast. Though the weather is not as intense as, say, monsoon season in Southeast Asia, there can still be fast changes in London. 


London’s winter can be cold or mild and usually fluctuates between 9 degrees celsius as a high and lows of around 5 degrees. Temperatures that are below freezing can occur too, but not as often as parts of the country further north. Thanks to the southeast location of London and the microclimate naturally occurring in cities, London has a milder average than northern areas. Rainfall tends to average at about three inches a month between December and February. 


Summer in London can see averages of 18 degrees celsius and often temperatures in the early to mid-20s. The city is also not unused to heatwaves in high summer, so is a great time to visit the city. But what goes up must come down and when temperatures occasionally rise into the late 20s and early 30s, guests of 4-star hotels in Paddington can expect cooler temperatures and rainfall during the following days.

What To Pack For A London Visit

Due to the diverse weather patterns, it’s well worth packing flexible outerwear for your trip to the city. Whether visiting in the summer or winter, make sure to pack a jumper and durable shoes as you might find yourself walking quite a bit in the city. It’s also worth packing an umbrella or a raincoat for those potential showers. 

Safety Tips For Rain In London

London is a busy and fast-paced city, so there are a few things to consider if it’s been an especially wet day.

Keeping Safe On The Underground 

Entrances into the underground stations can get very slippery during and after rain showers. It’s especially important during rush hour to be careful on the stairs on your way into any train or underground station. Make sure to walk down the left-hand side of any staircase in a train station, allowing for those moving up to walk on the other side. Train station staircases are also kitted out with handrails.

Refrain From Cycling If Possible

A London rush hour, wet weather and cycling the city can be a dangerous mix. If possible, avoid cycling during busy hours and wet weather as this is one of the most likely times that accidents can occur.

Remember That Public Transport Will Be Busier

As mentioned above, public transport and wet weather can get rather crowded. Be aware of this when using public transport and make sure to give your journey extra time to make sure you’re not late for your destination. Wet weather can cause delays and crowding. 

Things To Do In Rainy Day London

So you’re visiting London and it’s started to rain. Fear not, there’s plenty to do in the city to shelter from the storm. In fact, the city is designed to be flexible for the weather. Here are some tourist tips for rainy days. 

Sheltered Markets

London’s versatile range of sheltered or indoor markets includes Greenwich Market, Borough Market and Brixton Village. These great indoor markets provide a taste of local London life and you can whittle away the rainy hours browsing everything from antiques and jewellery to street food and vintage clothes.

Free Museums

London is home to a great many museums, all of which are absorbing and fascinating enough to kill time whilst it rains - and then some! The most prominent free-to-visit museums in the city are the British Museum, one of the most visited of its kind in the world as well as Museum Row in South Kensington. These three Victorian-era museums are the V&A Museum of Design, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Each is fascinating in its own right and showcases an expansive permanent collection that is free to visit. 

Free Art Galleries

It’s not just museums that are free. The countless contemporary, classic and modern art galleries across the city have permanent collections that are free of charge and world-class. The best galleries in London include the Tate Modern on the Southbank, the Tate Britain in Pimlico and the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square. 


Though a trip to the West End may require a little more forward planning than a casual mosy to a gallery, a live performance at one of London's historic theatres is still a great alternative on a rainy evening. On the day tickets are often available, whilst matinee shows take place on the weekend. 


London is the heart of European cinema and has many great venues across its 32 boroughs. From blockbuster behemoths to arthouse hideaways, the city is a haven for cinephiles and has many incredible venues. Local favourites include the Prince Charles Cult cinema, the Picturehouse Central and the Rio in Dalston, all perfect for a silver screen storm escape.