Experience the Magical Winter Lights Festival in London


The Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf is the perfect place for you to witness stunning installations from January 17th to January 27th, 2023. This year marks the eighth edition of the festival, where you can embark on an exciting journey to explore unique temporary installations and permanent light artworks. Reserve a luxurious stay at the Park Grand Hyde Park and enjoy the benefits of its prime location that offers easy access to London’s transport system and great connections to the Canary Wharf area of London. Additionally, you can explore an array of unmissable events near you! Keep reading to discover more about this enchanting Winter Lights Festival and plan your visit!

What’s in Store for You?

The Winter Lights Festival is a showcase of the most talented and innovative light artists from around the world. The festival features an incredible lineup of extraordinary installations and artworks highlighting the interaction and contrast between technology and nature. Experience it all with your stay at a luxe accommodation near Hyde Park. From larger-than-life laser projection installations to immersive installations made using a construction tarp, each one tells a unique story and has an objective to captivate you for a mind-boggling experience!

Temporary Installations

Geist by This is Loop, Union Square

The Geist installation draws inspiration from the massive detectors used by scientists to explore the complexity of the process involved in detecting neutrinos, also known as 'ghost particles'. The exhibit beautifully represents the rare occasion when neutrinos interact with mass and become detectable.

Idle Time by Marcus Lyall, Union Square

The Idle Time installation features animated figures in the form of line drawings that are depicted at rest. This artwork serves as a reminder that idleness is a natural state of being for humans and is imperative for our well-being. What's exciting about this installation is that it uses a construction tarp from a building as its canvas, and it serves to remind the residents of Canary Wharf and all visitors about the importance of relaxation in our daily lives.

Biophilia by Frankie Boyle, Crossrail Place Roof Garden

The Biophilia installation at the Winter Lights Festival has been designed to showcase our innate connection with the natural world. This exceptional 3D creation utilises the visible light spectrum in combination with stunning colours, movements, and human behaviour. Start your day with a hearty breakfast near Hyde Park and witness an ever-changing and captivating light display with this exhibit!

Vessels by Limbic Cinema, Crossrail Place Roof Garden, East End

Vessels is a unique sculpture that brings together culture, technology, and science. As a part of the festival, you will witness a modern interpretation of ancient monuments that were once used to bring people together to celebrate the sun! In this exhibit, you will see three pyramid-like structures that emit smoke and a shining laser mounted at the top. These structures create mesmerising three-dimensional shapes that change in sync with the music. It is an unforgettable and transcendental experience that you should not miss out on!

The Winter Lights Festival is free to attend, and the installations are open from 5-10 pm. You can download the map online to help you navigate through the installations.

Note that the event can get crowded on weekends, so secure your stay at one of the primely located hotels in London Near Hyde Park and plan your visit during the week if possible. Don't forget to dress warmly and enjoy an unforgettable experience!