Welcome to a wonderful stay in London? What to expect from a luxury hotel


If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to spend a short-break in a luxury hotel, you’ll be aware that such accommodation is capable of taking your away-from-home experience to the next level and, potentially, to levels beyond that. However, if you’re looking to spoil yourself with a short city-break spent in highly reviewed, high-quality accommodation, but have never done so before, what should you expect…?


Elegant, finely appointed interiors

Should you elect to spend a short-break away from home staying in a luxury hotel, doubtless the first thing about the property that will strike you is just how exquisite its interiors are. The rooms and suites (full of delicate as well as state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings), the lounge areas, the reception areas, the dining room(s) and bar(s) and – should it feature either of them – the spa and gym are bound to exude a high level of luxurious, ornate style and a reassurance of quality provision for all your accommodation needs and desires. A good guide, for instance, is that any restaurant in a luxury hotel ought to measure up (or better) to the food and service offered by a restaurant in Hyde Park.

Complimentary local/ international calls by mobile phone service

Now, many lesser examples of accommodation are, as standard, bound to provide you with an in-room telephone service, from which you will be able to contact the reception and, on occasions, the world beyond the hotel itself. However, fine accommodation that’s properly up-to-date with 21st Century hospitality standards will ensure you can stay connected with friends and family, for free, via the provision of a mobile phone service. For instance, the ‘handy’ smartphone that’s available for patrons staying at the London Park Grand Hyde Park hotel ensures that keeping in touch with the world outside has never been easier – or, indeed, cheaper.

The handy mobile device then offers three terrific capabilities – first, unlimited international calls to selected countries; second, unlimited local calls within the UK and, third, unlimited internet access via 3G data. And all without spending a cent. Additionally, should they desire to use it, the handy smartphone offers guests access to extremely useful travel apps and maps, so they can discover London and garner details about restaurants, pubs and other tourist attractions.

event room

Conference and event facilities

This may be fairly obvious to many patrons who use luxury hotels on a regular basis, but the best accommodation also tends to come ready-equipped with facilities such as conference and meeting rooms, which are ideal for business as well as major social events such as weddings and banquets. Indeed, should they be looking to stay at, say, accommodation Paddington (perfect for its vicinity to a major London railway station), a luxury hotel boasting such facilities would be a huge boon for business-oriented travellers.

Great servicing

Superior service

When it comes to face-to-face service from a luxury hotel’s staff, you should be expecting something special, indeed; a good deal of personal care. At such a property, employees – from the concierge right through to the night porter – ought to be highly trained to deliver the following kinds of service:

  • concierge services including a personal welcome and check-in on arrival, as well as contact prior to arrival for establishing special requests
  • welcoming gifts such as a bottle of wine or champagne/ flowers and sweets in your room or similar gifts on departure
  • laundry and shoeshine services
  • excellent friendly, polite and helpful service from all members of hotel staff (as well as potential multilingual service)
  • the ability to cate for special, unexpected requests, such as for birthdays and romantic occasions.

Have you ever received particularly good service from accommodation in which you’ve stayed? Well, you should expect nothing less – and, frankly, more – from a luxury hotel. Such a property ought to be seeking to go above and beyond for its guests – after all, it’s this that should ensure they stand out from the competition, let alone deliver the best possible positive memory for those staying with them.