5 Hobbies Worth Trying in London


Visiting a new place for a mini break, extended holiday, or even a single overnight stay is no excuse to stop trying new things. In fact, we would go so far as to say that being in a new place, whether that’s accommodation in Paddington London or elsewhere, offers the perfect opportunity to explore and experience new hobbies and things to do.

In this blog, we’re sharing 5 of the top hobbies loved by London locals and tourists alike, in the hopes that you might feel inspired to try out something a little outside of your normal routine on your next trip to the city.

Running / Jogging

No matter where in London you stay, there are always great routes right on your doorstep – whether they be through the Royal Parks, past the Park Grand Paddington Court towards the River Thames, or ducking around the main city monuments and attractions as you explore the city on foot.

Not only is running a great hobby (and an excellent way to build up an appetite for a scone or two later in the day) but it’s also an ideal way to see more of London without paying for tubes and taxis.

Flower Arranging

What better skill to finesse in London than flower arranging. A selection of boutique florists across the city offer courses in how to refine handmade bouquets and arrangements, whether you’re learning for an events business, to create your own wedding flower bouquets, or simply as part of trialling a new skill.

Cookery Workshops

Cook like a chef at one of the top restaurants near Paddington Station, combining your existing skill with the lessons and techniques from some of London’s finest chefs and foodie experts. Cookery courses and workshops are available across a multitude of venues and including specific dishes and cuisines as well as much broader experiences for food lovers.

Getting to sample what you’ve made at the end of the workshop is a real selling point and makes this as much of an enjoyable experience as a learning opportunity and a way to harness your hobby.

Cocktail Making

There are a wide selection of bars in central London which offer immersive experiences to visitors and locals alike, from hen parties and group events to more formal cocktail making evenings for those looking to learn a new skill.

Like the cookery workshops, one of the best things about this is getting to taste your creation at the end of the course!

Get Artistic

This is a rather open-ended one, which can cover a multitude of existing hobbies including painting, sculpting, and even biscuit decorating. London is an exceptionally cultural and exciting place to visit, with many of the galleries and museums located a stone’s throw from top London hotel deals all offering visitors a chance to try their hand at creating their own gallery-worthy paintings and sculptors.

If delicious art is more your thing, London has seen a significant rise in the popularity of biscuit and cake decorating too – making this a great option for the whole family, a group of friends, or someone looking to elevate their afternoon snack.