The Best Of North London


London is a pretty massive place- in fact, it covers an area 15 times the size of Paris!

Thanks to its size it is broken up into 32 very distinct boroughs, each as unique and interesting as the last.

These districts are further separated by the River Thames which runs right through the heart of the city, creating a north/ south divide. The areas split by the river are surprisingly different, and both have an awful lot to offer.

Enjoy the very best of North London from your stunning room in the Park Grand London Hyde Park; not only is it home to one of the best restaurants in Hyde Park, but it’s also in the perfect location for you to start exploring some of London’s most historic areas.

The North of the city is a vibrant and exciting area, packed with history and gorgeous sights. Let’s take a look at the very best in North London.


Camden is one of the most visited places in the city, but a mere 50 years ago this area was an abandoned train yard scheduled to be replaced by a motorway.

The steady growth in counter culture and the rise of the incredible Camden Markets saved this location and turned it into one of the city’s very best boroughs.

Explore the vintage clothing shops, find fantastic gems in the markets and discover some of the greatest street art on the planet in this stunning area.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of the city’s top parks- and that’s really saying something.

It’s 800 acres of wild woodland, grassy meadows and beautiful gardens that you can explore to heart’s content.

You’ll also find the famous Victorian swim ponds and one of the best pubs in London; The Spaniards Inn- so good that it features in one of Charles Dickens’ books!

Regent’s Canal

The Regent’s Canal was once one of the key waterways in the city, used for transporting goods and people.

Now the canal and tow paths are all about leisure and pleasure. It’s a great place to escape the stresses of the city.

You can walk the banks of the peaceful and serene Regent’s Canal, starting from the best accommodation Hyde Park London has to offer; The Park Grand Hyde Park Hotel.

Stopping off to explore Little Venice, Primrose Hill, Camden and many more cultural hotspots along the way.

Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is a part of the Kings Cross rejuvenation project, and is the perfect example of how architecture can improve and lift old structures.

Two swooping roofs sit atop old railway arches and house some of the best shopping to be found north of the river.

This complex offers great food, international fashion brands, locally owned boutiques and much more.

Best of all though is the fact that guests of the Park Grand Hyde Park Hotel, London won’t have to travel far to experience this world class retail therapy centre.

Explore North London

So there you have it, the very best of North London.

It is a vast area offering an incredible amount of culture, history and beauty. So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and experience it for yourself!