Visiting London In March


London, and the UK as a whole, gets a pretty bad wrap during the winter months.

Yes the days are short, yes the skies are often grey, and of course it sometimes rains; but that doesn’t mean we don’t get some stunning blue skies, gorgeous crisp mornings and a truly fabulous explosion of plant life and colour in March.

It’s the pre-spring season for London, and can be a truly beautiful time to visit the city. The summertime crowds will be non-existent, there are plenty of events happening, and the city beginning to bloom is a sight to behold.

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Now let's take a look at some of the city’s best offerings in March!

See the Cherry Blossoms

Seeing cherry blossoms is one of the few purely joyful experiences in life.

Strolling along a path in one of London’s amazing parks, under the pink and white canopy is something pretty special.

Experience the colours and scents in many places around London from March to May, beneath some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations.

The Eat & Drink Festival

South Kensington plays host to the incredible Eat & Drink Festival every year, where you can experience the finest chefs in Europe cooking live, stunning fresh produce, artistic mixologists, modern cooking technology, and sample some stunning treats.

If you fancy picking up some new skills and indulging your inner foodie, then this is the festival for you.

And for those of you in Hyde Park accommodations it’s just down the road!

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Paddy’s Day is a pretty big deal in London- there is a strong Irish contingent in the city, and Londoners love a good excuse for a party!

There will be the annual parade, starting in Hyde Park and working its way to Trafalgar Square where it will meet an Irish cultural festival and all out party.

You’ll also be able to head to any Irish Pub in the city and drink Guiness, listen to live music and have a really good time.

The Boat Races

Every year, around 100,000 British people head down to the Thames in southwest London and watch a bunch of students from our most prestigious universities (Oxford and Cambridge) race each other in row boats.

It's an amazing, age old tradition and also a really good day out! There will be food and drink vendors, music, celebrities, and lots of people having a really great time.

Explore London

So there you have it, some of the very best things you can enjoy in London during the month of March.

It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom at the end of the British winter- in fact it could be argued that, despite the semi-frequent rain, March through to May are amongst the best months in the year for the UK.