Our pick of the best things to do in London to celebrate this Valentine’s Day

Our pick of the best things to do in London to celebrate this Valentine’s Day

Celebrated every year on 14th February, Valentine’s Day is a commercialised celebration of romantic love, which has in recent years taken on a much broader role in terms of encompassing friendship, family love, and more. It is, in short, a way appreciate the people around you who care for you and who you spend time with – and London rises to the occasion every year with set menus, dining experiences, bold and heart-filled shop windows, and more gift ideas than you could possibly imagine.

In this blog, we’re sharing all of the best things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London that are within walking distance of your accommodation near Hyde Park London – starting with the simplest and most budget-friendly activity in the whole city…

Go for a walk

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of the hotels overlooking Hyde Park, then you will know that the park is home to a network of footpaths and trails which are frequented by joggers, runners, dog walkers, and commuters on a daily basis. But that’s not all. Hyde Park is also home to a series of attractions and sightseeing destinations which make a walk in the park so much more exciting and immersive – particularly if you throw in a loop of the Serpentine boating lake or a visit to one of the cafes or pop up coffee vans in the park.

And it’s not just Hyde Park that’s open for romantic strolls. Regent’s Park and Green Park are also excellent locations for some time spent with your loved one outside.

Indulge in a spa day

Many of the 4 star hotels in Paddington offer spa packages and spa days to both guests and those who are not staying on site but wish to indulge in the facilities. And what better way to relax and enjoy quality time together than in a spa, wrapped in a fluffy white robe, with the promise of afternoon tea or a light lunch after your chosen treatment?

Give the gift of flowers

No, we don’t just mean picking up a bouquet on the way to your date destination. Think outside the box and take your date somewhere where flowers aren’t just a gift but a complete experience – with some of the best and most inventive options including:

  • A tour of the immersive Van Gogh exhibition, where you can sit back into deck chairs and gaze at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers work as it lights up the walls and ceiling surrounding you.
  • Book a cocktail making class with edible flowers adorning all your wonderfully alcohol-fuelled creations.
  • Take a walk to the rose garden in Regents Park.
  • Save your valentine’s day celebrations for the weekend, and visit the Columbia Road flower market on Sunday morning.

Book dinner at an exclusive restaurant

Book dinner at an exclusive restaurant

A great date starts and ends with food and drink, with some of the best restaurants near Hyde Park combining leading chef’s with excellent service and the kind of cocktails that will have you dancing though the streets at the end of your date.

See a show!

From live comedy to a West End musical, an insightful play, or a classical music ensemble at the Royal Albert Hall, London is a place where live performances are part of the very fabric of the city – with some of the best theatres and music halls providing the perfect setting for a date night.

You will find that many of the restaurants and bars situated around the centre of London are well prepped for the plethora of guests who head through the doors before and after the shows around them start and end, so you will always be able to find somewhere for a quick bite before the show and a drink after it’s finished.

Take part in an activity together

London boasts its fair share of activities and experiences which are available for couples and larger groups from all walks of life and of all ages. From junkyard golf to table tennis bars, escape rooms, a live crystal maze experience, and more, booking and taking part in an activity together is a playful way to spend one of your first Valentine’s Days together – not to mention it will nurture a little healthy competition in your relationship as you find out who is better at golf, darts, table tennis, solving puzzles, and more.

Afternoon tea on the river

The river Thames is a jewel which runs through the centre of London, and separates the north bank from the south bank while providing an array of experiences along its length from West to East London and beyond. Why not book a river cruise at sunset with a glass of wine in hand, or alternatively indulge in a traditional and classic British tradition by sipping tea and enjoying finger sandwiches from on board one of the cruising boats.

Take in the view

The London skyline is iconic, and can be seen and enjoyed from on the ground or from one of the many tall buildings and viewing platforms dotted across the city. Whether you choose the London eye, the rooftop bar of your hotel on Westbourne Terrace London, the Shard, or indeed the popular Sky Garden, enjoying the view with your loved one is a great way to toast to your relationship and to your future together.

And if you want to upgrade this date idea to the next level, why not find an even more adventurous way of enjoying the view by booking Up at the O2 – a rooftop walk which carries you up and over the O2 arena to enjoy the view from the top before the decent back down.

All of these Valentine’s Day ideas and more can be enjoyed a stone’s throw from the comfort of your hotel room in the centre of London – with options for every type of couple and for every budget. All that’s left to decide is what does your perfect date night look like?