5 Fashion Icons Who Come From London


Ever since the Swinging Sixties, London has always had a reputation for being ahead of the style game, and has produced countless icons over the decades that followed. Today, the city is a leading capital in the fashion scene, and if you’re looking for some style inspiration, then you don’t need to venture very far in the city, before coming across some great style ideas.

Read on to find out more about some of the fantastic fashion icons that have emerged from the city, and get ready to feel seriously inspired.

Kate Moss

Whether or not you’re a serious fashion follower, you most likely are familiar with the name of London’s most iconic supermodel. Kate Moss rose to fame early in her life as a fresh faced teenager at the tender age of 14. Hailing from Croydon, the model’s roots are far from the stylish bars near Hyde Park the swankier parts of the city she may be more likely to frequent these days, and her emergence on the modelling scene heralding a new era in fashion.

With her distinctive waifish figure, she was often associated with the rise of “heroin chic” trends through the 1990s. However, Moss has continued to retain her status as a fashion icon by always adapting and evolving along the way. Today, she’s known not only as a famous model, but an influential style icon in her own right, designing her own clothing collections as well as promoting the work of other designers. She has also been closely associated with the world of rock and roll, having featured in many music videos and been involved in musical projects herself.

If you’re feeling inspired by Kate Moss, take a trip to some of London’s fantastic vintage clothing stores, where you might unearth some delicate and distinctive gems, similar to what Moss herself might have in her own wardrobe. You’ll find some great stores close to hotels near Paddington Station to get your style journey started.

Alexander McQueen

If you’re visiting London and staying in accommodation Hyde Park London then a trip to the legendary flagship store of the designer, Alexander McQueen is an absolute must. Not only will you have a chance to see the stunning latest collections in store, but you’ll also get to explore the rich and fascinating history behind the brand and the designer himself.

Alexander McQueen was a true London icon, born in Lewisham in London, and learning his craft in some of the most renowned style institutions in the city. He spent his early years working as an apprentice in Savile Row, and later on at the theatrical costumers, Angels and Bermans. The skills and craftsmanship he learned from the world of fine tailoring and costuming were to shape his distinctive collections for his own brand later on, set up in Hoxton in East London.

McQueen gained a reputation for shock and controversy, and hit the headlines countless times in his career for catwalk looks that raised eyebrows frequently. However, he also set timeless trends in motion, and even today, you’re likely to see the iconic dark staples that mark his looks, with skulls, lace and leather, when heading out for the night in bars near Hyde Park and elsewhere.

McQueen’s work was filled with drama and extravagance, combining a love of history and myth, with modern technology, with many of his catwalk shows bringing a fantastic sense of drama to the stage. Sadly, McQueen passed away at the age of 40 in 2010, but his legacy continues to make an important mark in the world’s fashion scene.


London’s won its spot on the global fashion scene in the 1960s, often known as the Swinging Sixties, as an era of revolution, counter-culture and dramatic changes in the world of fashion, music, art and culture. The London-based model, known as Twiggy, was one of the icons of the era, and her distinctive look still summarises the 60s perfectly today.

Twiggy, otherwise known as Dame Lesley Lawson, became a prominent model as a teenager through the decade, and captured the style of the era perfectly with her slim, androgynous build, short cropped hair, and exaggerated lashes and eye make up. She even had her own collection of dresses, and appeared on countless international fashion publications.

After retiring from modelling, she re-emerged in the public eye with an acting and musical career, and continues to be a fresh fashion icon for modern women, having appeared in many contemporary fashion brand campaigns.

Amy Winehouse

The musical legend from London, Amy Winehouse made a lasting impression on anyone who saw her, whether performing live or in the numerous headlines she appeared in. With her signature beehive hair do, dramatic eye liner and retro-inspired outfits, the iconic singer had her own distinctive look, inspiring a generation of women to embrace a more feminine silhouette after years of boyish chic.

Despite the many personal troubles that clouded her professional and personal world through her short lifetime, Winehouse nevertheless earned a reputation as a timeless fashion icon, as well as a musical giant that continues to inspire people today.

David Beckham

David Beckham has been at the forefront of defining men’s fashion throughout his career, inspiring countless, and sometimes questionable looks, throughout his career as a leading footballer with some of the most popular clubs in the world.

As well as making his own mark in the world of sport, his relationship with the singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, also put him in the spotlight in the fashion world, and today, his casual and timeless look defines a modern generation of menswear.

He has been the face of numerous luxury brands, and is often cited as a style inspiration in menswear publications, as a 21st century style icon. David Beckham has also been involved in a fashion collection of his own, inspired by the popular TV show, Peaky Blinders, to bring a classic sartorial twist to modern men’s clothing collections.