park grand london hyde park

Boutique hotels in London are some of the best in the world. From those independently owned pocket sized hotels to the larger personality of the Park Grand London Hyde Park, there are countless reasons why you should think boutique. With so many different choices for your accommodation during your stay in the city, it can be difficult to decide which one suits your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the reasons a boutique hotel will suit almost any type of London visitor.

What is boutique?

Boutique hotels are not just a place to rest your head. They exceed expectations and come with their own character, ensuring that it is not just the locale you are visiting that sticks in your mind, but the hotel itself. The very best of boutique hotels come full equipped with their own unique style and ambiance whilst accommodating to their guests specific needs.


Flexibility is key for the boutique hotel. Making sure that your room has everything you as an individual or as a family may need is vital to the sense of individualism and personalisation which comes with staying at a boutique hotel. Whether you need a non-allergenic pillow, or you have a specific dietary requirement with your complimentary breakfast, our Hyde Park restaurant will cater to your needs.

Flexibility also refers to the check in and check out times, and with our online booking system and app, you can edit your check in and room size right up until the day of arrival.


Boutique will most likely mean a 4 or 5 star hotel, and 4 or 5 star hotels always come with comfort built in. With warm rooms and incredibly comfortable beds, the aim is to help you feel well rested every day of your stay.

Care and attention

Service at a boutique hotel is centred around you. Whatever your needs, a boutique hotel will try to cater to it. Whether it’s room service or you’re organising an event in one of the conference rooms, we’ll make sure that everything is tailored around your needs. They don’t call it the hospitality industry for nothing!

Heaps of personality

With flexibility comes individualism. Even in its very aesthetic, the Park Grand London Hyde Park truly looks the part with its Georgian townhouse exterior. Each room in a true boutique hotel will feel like its own character, not uniform like the bedrooms in hotel chains.

Central location

Boutique hotels are often easy to access, their being ideally located for urban exploring or wilderness wandering. You’ll never find a boutique hotel on the side of a motorway, or in a service station and instead on the outer rim of the city centre, optimised for peace and quiet and quick to find entertainment just down the road.

Tonnes of amenities

Room service, luxury shampoo and a minibar are all a given in a boutique hotel. Fully stocked and eclectic in their selection, our rooms can offer you drinks, nibbles and dinner brought to your room at a single phone call.

A journey in and of itself

Last but not least, your stay at a boutique hotel will not only act as part of your larger holiday but will be a journey of discovery in and of itself. With spas, restaurants and evening entertainment, a boutique hotel holds its own set of adventures during your travels.