The Best Things About Winter In London

winter in london

Unlike a lot of European cities, London doesn't have freezing temperatures – likely to deter tourists away from the possibility of visiting during the Christmas season. Temperatures in fact rarely dip below zero degrees, meaning you can have a fabulous experience in the city – without freezing under the kind of spellbinding cold that we've all experienced.

Ice Rink

So whether you're free for a holiday in December, January, or February – rest your hesitations aside when it comes to the weather. You'll find that London, in any case, fits your holidays beautifully. The Grand Park London Hyde Park Hotel is an accommodation near Hyde Park London Paddington that is built to deliver on its promises.

With executive suites, business facilities, and top-tier hospitality – you can rest assured that the staff and services available will attend to all your needs. When we visit a new destination, particularly a winter one at that, we want to feel cosy and at home. The Grand Park London Hyde Park hotel manages to do that delightfully, and with its convenient location – you can access many of the top tier attractions in the city without the need for a long commute.

The most important thing about winter in London is that a particular brilliance falls onto the city. Festive lights begin lighting up Oxford Street, Winder Wonderland (a playground of sorts) in Hyde Park opens, and many ice rinks open up for visitation. In a sense, the city becomes a little more romantic and less congested. In the summer, there are more tourists than usual, and this naturally makes for a busier more frantic holiday.

Whether we realise it or not, the crowd around us has a subtle influence on our behaviours and modes of thinking. When you visit during the winter, you’ll find that the ambience is a little more relaxed – and that’s all down to the festivity and new excitement that tends to peak in and around the New Years. So if you were hesitating before, you don’t have to anymore. Book your stay in London this season and make it a great winter holiday.