Discovering Some Of The Top Museums In London

Natural History Museum

Museums in London are no doubt abundant, but if you had to whittle your list to just three options, where would you visit? The answer to that depends of course on what your inclinations are first and foremost. Some prefer history; some prefer science, while others prefer art. To that end, why not visit one museum in each category; so that you get a holistic insight into the city’s museums.

The Science Museum

It's all well and good to visit numerous history museums because that's what you love. But consider that time on your trip limited – naturally, you need to be aware of the opportunity costs. Time spent visiting your favourite kind of museums (while great) means you won't open up your perspective to the kind of attractions that you're not used to.

The Grand Park London Hyde Park Hotel - an accommodation near Hyde Park London Paddington – gives you access to all the museum options we're about to explore. The National History Museum to start with is the finest historical museum in the city – and should be your first call for historical explorations. It's located on Cromwell Rd, in Kensington and exhibits a vast range of specimens from different times in history. With an average 4.6/5 star review on numerous review sites – it seems that most visitors have found plenty to muse about here.

The Science Museum, located on Exhibition Road in South Kensington was founded in 1857 and is on the city's most popular attractions. In fact, it attracts 3.3 million visitors annually, and it's our best pick for if you're considering a stay in the city.

TATE Modern

For the art scene, you have such an abundant amount of options that it makes it difficult to pick just one choice. But if we had to choose, it would be the TATE Modern, located on South bank. With it being continually revamped, you won't be short of spectacular artworks in rejoicing in. It also features a delightful viewing platform from where you can admire the view of London.

In summary, these three attractions are the minimum effective dose for a museum exploration in the city. Book your stay this coming season, and experience history, science, and art – at its finest.