Make underrated cities your summer Holidays Destination

Summer holiday

There is nothing unusual in visiting regular destinations on summer holidays. In fact tour plans are set after in accordance with ‘the most popular destinations’, ‘best places to visit this summer’, or ‘top tourist destinations’. These captions prompt people to travel to the more known cities and countries. It is time to break away from the ordinary and venture into unexplored and underrated cities.

The reason for their underrating is not known for certain; perhaps they are overshadowed by their more illustrious neighbouring countries or cities. For instance Cardiff, the capital of Wales is overshadowed by its much illustrious neighbouring capital London. Travellers coming on Europe tours never miss staying in a Hyde Park London hotel, but seldom think of visiting Cardiff. A few off-beat destinations have been earmarked for your next summer trip.


Among the capital cities in Western Europe, Lisbon in Portugal though stunning is overlooked completely. Its beaches are unspoilt and comparatively less crowded. If only the two of you are planning a romantic getaway then Lisbon is the place to be. For enthusiasts of art Gulbenkian is the site to visit; its collection of Egyptian, Roman, and Islamic art is impressive. At the Belem Tower try out ‘pastels de nata’ a local sweet.




This city in Canada is treated as a gateway to Banff National Park. A pity for this wonderful cosmopolitan city complete with green open spaces, skyscrapers and even rodeos. From the top of Calgary Tower take a magnificent view of the entire city.

Banff National Park


This port city in Chile is completely overshadowed by Santiago, the country’s capital. Home town of famed Latin poet Pablo Neruda, this city boasts of streets lined with colourful houses, art galleries, restaurants and boutique stores. The hill slopes offer a breathtaking view of the city’s harbour. The best way to explore the city is on foot. However, there are funicular elevators to take you to higher levels of the city.

Adelaide Hanoi

Hanoi in Vietnam is overshadowed by Singapore, Bangkok and Peking. Yet this place offers you a vacation that is enchanting, rejuvenating, and fulfilling. Its Ha Log Bay with enigmatic rock formations and innumerable caves is stunning. If the city is bustling with life and activity, the countryside is pristine and serene.


This port city in South Africa is captivating with its golden beaches, gentle waters and outstanding food. Here you get an unusual fusion of Indian and Australian cuisine to be found nowhere on the face of earth.