How To Visit London With Children And Still Have A Good Time


London is a city that panders to many different tastes and interests. With 22% of the city’s residents speaking a first language that isn’t English, it’s unsurprising that there is so much cultural and entertainment focused diversity here. There’s truly something to engage all interests, which is why 30 million tourists visit London every year.

But the varying interests of adults isn’t anything like that of children. Even if staying at luxurious and flexible 4 star Hotels Paddington London UK, it can be difficult to cater to old and young alike during any holiday. This blog will explore some of the London tourist attractions that all ages will be able to enjoy.

British Museum

From Egyptian mummies to ancient samurais, the British Museum is the busiest museum in the city, and it's easy to see why. You might need to visit this one in parts, the size of the museum and the scope of time that its artefacts cover could take days to cover. Thankfully for guests of the Hotel Park Grand London Hyde Park visiting with kids (and adults!) with short attention spans, the British Museum, located just off of Russell Square, is completely free to visit, allowing for multiple visits.

Natural History Museum

Easy to reach from Hyde Park accommodations on Exhibition Road, the Natural History Museum is one of the most popular in London. Having grown out of collections of taxidermy and artefacts discovered by Charles Darwin himself, this museum will captivate the animal lover in all visitors, whatever the age. Natural History is also famous for its child friendly and accessible galleries, including one that goes down particularly well with children - the Dinosaur gallery!

Science Museum

Another of the Exhibition Road museums that were first envisioned by Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert, the Science Museum is as hands on as a museum can get. Whilst adult visitors will no doubt learn something new from the many galleries here, the “experiments” of the WonderLab and the interactive “Garden” Gallery both focus specifically on providing ways for kids to learn about science through play. Grab your breakfast around Paddington early, you won’t be able to drag the kids away once you’re here!

Tate Modern

If you want to introduce your children to art, then the free-to-visit Tate Modern on the South Bank is a great place to start. With free to visit permanent exhibitions, the Tate Modern explores international modern and contemporary art through 8 different permanent galleries, exploring multimedia and installation pieces. There’s plenty of interactive displays for young children to enjoy too, including Tate Draw, which brings children's artworks to life on a digital sketch pad.

A West End Show (But Not All Of Them!)

London’s Soho and Shaftesbury Avenue area is home to more than 30 West End theatres, all of which have a unique and seasonally evolving programme of musicals, dramas and dance shows. Of course, not all of them will be suitable for children but there are some real gems across the programming that will keep the attention of adults and children alike. A few of the 2023 highlights include the 2 parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Matilda: The Musical and the Lion King.